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Mountain faces

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

After the rather photographic unproductive midsummer, in late summer and (early) autumn the photo opportunities start to improve again. This means, that the unpublished images on my hard drives become more and more but the time to post them here becomes less and less. To keep this blog alive I decided to display some quickly picked beside-pictures I shot while I was actually out for wildlife in the mountains. All of these photographs show some closeup snapshots of mountain ridges in gorgeous conditions. And all of them were taken with my telephoto lens which can also be used very well for landscape photography to exclude a particular mood from the rest of the bigger scenery.

Mountain faces

This ridge is called the Schafszähne which actually means "sheep teeth". Taken after a rainy days as the night finally fell in.

A simple but quite beautiful scenery.

Just a very short glimpse to the trees as the clouds scattered for a brief moment in the evening.

When you hope for an ibex to appear on the ridge ;)

Breathtaking conditions after a grey day. Once more it was so much worth the effort to go out and hike up it actually very uncomfortable cold and rainy weather with heavy fog, just to be there right when the magic happens.

Austria's highest peak hidden behind a layer of colorful clouds as the sun delivers its last light.

Almost unreal contrast in the different layers of clouds.

A good example of how the height of a cloud affects on its illumination.

The moment you realise you ordered way too much strawberry and blueberry ice cream ;)

Last but not least I would like to point out to my October workshop at Lake Almsee again. If you haven't done already, visit Workshops for all the info or just get in touch with me directly for any furhter questions or booking. Thanks!

Ankündigung Workshop am 14. Oktober 2017

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Naturfotografie Workshop für EinsteigerInnen am 14. Oktober 2017 - Der facettenreiche Almsee im Herbst

Es freut mich sehr meinen ersten Gruppenworkshop ankündigen zu dürfen. Es geht im Herbst zu einer der schönsten und ergiebigsten Locations, die ich in Oberösterreich kenne. Zum Almsee. Ich habe dieses Gebiet selber bereits unzählige Male besucht und war jedes Mal aufs Neue überwältigt von dessen Schönheit und vielfältigen fotografischen Möglichkeiten.

Ankündigung Workshop am 14. Oktober 2017

Alle Details und notwendigen Informationen sind in dieser ausführlichen Beschreibung als PDF zu finden. Da ich mich zu diesem Workshop nun relativ spontan entschieden habe, hoffe ich auf ebenso schnellentschlossene InteressentInnen. Selbstverständlich bin ich jederzeit für weitere Fragen gerne erreichbar.

Ich hoffe wir sehen uns!

Stitched vistas

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Actually I don't know why I was never really into doing panorama images (and I'm still not that much), but this year it seems like I start to enjoy them a little more than I did. So these days every now and then I stitch some pictures for a wider view and I would like to display some of the results (which I haven't already shown in another former posting) now here in my blog. All the pictures you can see here were made in Austria in 2017 and actually none of them was planned.

Stitched vistas

The moment of great pleasure when you unexpectedly discover a hidden view like this.

In spring, when the Wild Garlic is in full bloom, the odor is quite strong.

Only bad weather is good weather ;) Stitched panorama of five shots. And accidentally I came super close to also capture a lighting bolt in this image.

Taken during my first Alpine Ibex trip in the High Tauern National Park this year. I guess this was one of the most challenging ibex photography tours I did so far. The weather conditions actually were way too sunny and the animals stayed in rather unphotogenic and hardly accessable high terrain because of the hot temperatures. But thanks to the cloudless weather I had the chance to enjoy the stunning night skies which accompany the animals through the darkness up there.

The wetlands of Upper Austria near the town of Enns in spring during a gorgeous sunrise.

A wonderful calm morning at the lake completey embedded into the woods.

I can almost visualize all the dwarfs here fooling around as soon as it gets dark.

Since I'm always looking for new lovely places, I'm very happy I found this beautiful location, with a great view to the mountain range of the Totes Gebirge, a few days back. And I really love the mood here.​

I guess I will do stitched panorams more often in the future. Beside the fact, that they allow me to capture a bigger scene, they also have the benefit of a much higher resolution, which can be very useful in terms of large prints, of course.

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