Native bird mix part II

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Similar to my first part of mixed native bird images, also this part mostly contains pictures I created in Upper Austria’s Traun-Danube Wetlands. And also none of these photographs was actually kind of planned. Just strolling around, taking a look what’s going on, what photographic opportunities occur and maybe some hiding behind the bushes for a couple of hours.

Native bird mix part II

Just gorgeous late summer conditions in the early morning.

A pigeon on the other side of the trees.

Lots of particles on the water surface reflect the light of the setting sun and the trees on the other side of the waters create some vertical lines as three tufted ducks having a swim in the evening.

I could hardly believe it as I encountered this hoopoe last spring in the floodplains.

Not the worst location to spend some hours before having a coffee, I guess ;)

Here’s the result of the behind-the-scenes image from my latest bird entry. As long as the wildlife behaves naturally, you know the animal feels comfortable.

Actually I was out trying to capture the milky way at night at Lake Almsee, but unfortunately as soon as I arrived the clouds also appeared. So I got some sleep and went out again later in the morning. As I was finally shooting this lovely landscape scenery, I suddenly heard these geese in the distance. As quickly as I could I changed the ISO from 100 to 4000 and the aperture from 16 to 10 to get an acceptable shutter speed of 1/200sec. During this second the birds already appeared behind the trees and since I was shooting the landscape with a 2 sec. selftimer I just tried to release the shutter in the right moment.

The excitement of a stork couple reunion in early spring.

Find the nuthatch ;)

In a few weeks the bird life will reach its annual peak here in Austria and of course I’m already looking forward to it. One of the best places for bird experiences is the Neusiedlersee-Seewinkel National Park. And the Bird-Experience is a great opportunity for people who are interested in birds. This year the event will take place from April 15th to 23rd and I’m honored to be invited to display some of my work there in my first exhibition :)

Fire 'n' ice – Patagonia part VII

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Today I would like to post a handful of impressions only taken at two different locations and in very short time. Pictures made in one evening at the famous Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina’s Los Glaciares National Park and some images I took about 1,600 km away during one particular morning at the coast of Punta Pardelas on Valdés Peninsula. The pictures only show some closer frames of the icy giant and the magic that happens, when strong winds, the sea and the morning sun meet. And since their appearance is either very cold or very warm, I decided to bring them together.


The evening sun breaks through the clouds above this massive stream of ice with its cliff dropping 70 meters into the lake at the end.

Conditions like these are always a great subject which shows up in countless shapes.

The most intense blue appears on the new created surface right after a piece of the glacier has collapsed. You can hear the ice cracking actually all the time.

One day the everlasting power of the surf will cause this rocky piece of land to vanish in the sea.

Billions of wonderful details are hidden in the frozen sculpture.

That’s why it’s called the „golden hour“ I guess ;)

A small iceberg facing the wall of ice which finally released it after thousands of years.

Ok, I have to admit, that this image neither is made at the Perito Moreno Glacier nor on Valdés. But it fits so wonderful in this little collection that I decided to display it in this post ;) It shows a tiny bird on an iceberg in the glacier lake in front of Cerro Torres which is illuminated by the rising sun.

Although these towers of ice are huge, they remind me of an army of dwarfs.

Hope everyone is feeling cold or warm now ;) CU!

Native bird mix part I

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Also when one is not after particular bird images, possibilities for capturing these feathered friends are actually quite frequent and so bird pictures are mostly slowly getting more and more on my memory card. Birds are simply the most common wildlife here in Austria and can be found almost everywhere and they’re usually way less shy than mammals. This entry will display a few random bird captures I gathered during the past year in Austria. Almost all the photographs were made in areas of the Traun-Danube Wetlands in Upper Austria.

Native bird mix part I

A good example for an unexpected bird photography opportunity. I took this picture while I was out in Styria photographing chess flowers.

Regardless whether an encounter with a mute swan takes place (in a crowded municipal park or in an untouched and remote area of the floodplains), these birds are never very shy and always good for getting closer.

Slowly the veil of fog is lifting and reveals a mystic scenery at Lake Almsee. This day I was out for landscape picture but ended up shooting a bird once more.

A sea of jewels created by the harsh sunlight.

Like lots of nature photographers, I guess, I also cannot help being fascinated by these colorful little guys.

On the one hand straight sunlight causes hard shadows but on the other hand it can bring out the awesome colors of the kingfisher very well.

A behind-the-curtains-image. Since I’m not the kind of hide-building-photographer, I’m always looking for locations which provide natural camouflage like trees and bushes. And I’m also scouting for positions which can offer more than one direction and subject.

A completely different image, showing a different species, but taken exactly from the same viewpoint as the three kingfisher pictures above.

One more photograph from the same location. A Blue Heron having a rest on the “kingfisher branch”.

An additional series of random Austrian bird captures will be online her soon. As always, I hope you liked what you saw and you will drop by in my little blog sooner or later. Cheers, have a good one!

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