Final mix part I - Patagonia part XV

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Slowly but surely my Patagonia blog entries will come to an end. I would only like to show two more posts here. Both of them will be filled with various pictures which actually didn't make it into any of the former series. Most of them are not that spectacular and maybe more documentary style, but all of them are part of my enriching and unforgettable memories I was able to collect in these two month in one of the world's probably most beautiful places.

Final mix part I - Patagonia part XV

For a brief moment a Nandu and a Guanaco posing side by side infront of another stunning backdrop.

We spent a couple of very enjoyable days straight at the sea on Valdés accompanied by some great sunsets and seabirds.

Cuteness overload.

Every now and than we encountered a fox. Since I'm still very unsuccessful when it comes to fox photography in Austria, I was very delighted about these moments.

Detail of another spectacular sunset right after ...

... we experienced a pod of Orcas patrolling along the coast very close to the beach. These particular moments were certainly among our most exciting ones during the whole trip. We had a pretty exhausting day with constant heavy storm (which damaged the front door of our car), hard rain, sand storms and way too long gravel roads. We were caught in the car for several hours vainly hoping for the weather to get a little better. But since we knew that the best time to spot the Orcas will be in the evening, we just put on all our rain gear and hiked down to the coast. And just about 30 minutes later we witnessed the whales passing by right infront of us and once more we instantly forgot all the efforts, because they were so much worth it. And to our extra pleasure the rain finally stopped and the skies cleared up a bit as you could see on the previous picture and we could observe the Orcas in the distance for some more hours until the night fell in.

Floral treasure in Torres del Paine. A Marguerite caught in a sea of Lupines.

Golden meadow in Lanín National Park.

That's actually what the seashore nearby Cabo dos Bahias is made of. Colorful stones and other treasure like those you can find in Central Europe in gumball machines. Of course this image shows an arrangement I made, but it only took me about five minutes to collect all these stones and shells.

The sighting of the Orcas is for sure one of our wildlife highlights we could experience so far. But we had another even more exciting encounter in Patagonia. A little more on that in my next and last Patagonia entry ;)

Spring disco part III

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Here's my long overdue third set of early spring flower images. I'm sorry for the delay, but the longer and greener the days become and the more images I make, the less time I'm working behind my monitor ... ;) So I hope you're all still in the mood for some Snowdrops, Hepaticas and such.

Spring disco part III

First soft signs of spring in soft blurred focus.

The intense fire of a spring sunrise in the woods of the Common Hepaticas.

Picture perfect Hellebore at the end of the day.

In very early spring the Snowdrops are rather closed ...

... until they start to open their beautiful blossoms a little later.

Fragile flower infront of a massiv granite rock.

Colorful delights along the Aist River.

Dance like no one is watching.

All the little flowers try to suck in as much sunlight as possible, like these lovely Pileworts.

Of course the time of these early flowering spring creatures is definitely over now, but they will be back next season for sure. So let's look forward to them and the good vibes they deliver when they start to pop up after the rather grey winter and bring back some dots of colors into the woods.

Penguin days - Patagonia part XIV

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

We actually visited three main locations in Patagonia. The southern parts around the national parks of Torres del Paine and Los Glaciares, Valdés Peninsula and some areas of the Argentinian Lake District. So after our mountain adventures in the South we hit the road in northeast direction to look for some wildlife on Valdés. As we checked our maps and guide books we came across a little area on the east-coast in the South of Valdés, which is called Cabo Dos Bahías and home of a colony of Magellanic Penguins. Finally we decided to go there for some days. The closer we got to the area, the more we felt like heading into a desert. It was pretty hot, windy of course and the land was very barren with only a few bushes and toasted clumps of grass. Actually not that kind of terrain where one would first think of penguins. But already on the very long way from the main road to the coast we had some delightful encounters like one with our very first armadillo. So we continued our way even more motivated than before. And we shouldn't be dissapointed.

Penguin days - Patagonia part XIV

As you can see, penguin don't always live in icy habitats ...

... they also can be found side by side among desert-fitting animals like the Guanacos which are in the same biological family than camels.

Couldn't resist to also take a portrait shot of one of these lovely guys.

Since we had to register every time we entered this strictly protected area and the road is closed at night, I had to deal with rather harsh light conditions.

In our opinion, penguins are certainly among the cutest birds on earth ...

... but they can be very rude and aggressive too.

Although the whole scenery looks quite gorgeous, it has its down sides too, of course. A Caracara feeding on a penguin chick.

This image was actually taken on Valdés. But because it's the only presentable penguin picture from the peninsula, I decided to post it her in this entry among all the other penguins.

Another one of my 2016 favorites.

I'm really happy, that we decided to go to Cabo Dos Bahías, because we actually liked it much more than Valdés. As so often, the fact that a place is way more popular doesn't mean it's the better choice. At least in terms of Magellanic Penguins we really prefered Cabo Dos Bahías. ... and of course we enjoyed the rather warm days right at the beach ;)

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