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Stitched vistas

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Actually I don't know why I was never really into doing panorama images (and I'm still not that much), but this year it seems like I start to enjoy them a little more than I did. So these days every now and then I stitch some pictures for a wider view and I would like to display some of the results (which I haven't already shown in another former posting) now here in my blog. All the pictures you can see here were made in Austria in 2017 and actually none of them was planned.

Stitched vistas

The moment of great pleasure when you unexpectedly discover a hidden view like this.

In spring, when the Wild Garlic is in full bloom, the odor is quite strong.

Only bad weather is good weather ;) Stitched panorama of five shots. And accidentally I came super close to also capture a lighting bolt in this image.

Taken during my first Alpine Ibex trip in the High Tauern National Park this year. I guess this was one of the most challenging ibex photography tours I did so far. The weather conditions actually were way too sunny and the animals stayed in rather unphotogenic and hardly accessable high terrain because of the hot temperatures. But thanks to the cloudless weather I had the chance to enjoy the stunning night skies which accompany the animals through the darkness up there.

The wetlands of Upper Austria near the town of Enns in spring during a gorgeous sunrise.

A wonderful calm morning at the lake completey embedded into the woods.

I can almost visualize all the dwarfs here fooling around as soon as it gets dark.

Since I'm always looking for new lovely places, I'm very happy I found this beautiful location, with a great view to the mountain range of the Totes Gebirge, a few days back. And I really love the mood here.​

I guess I will do stitched panorams more often in the future. Beside the fact, that they allow me to capture a bigger scene, they also have the benefit of a much higher resolution, which can be very useful in terms of large prints, of course.

Gentle audience part II

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The second set of my 2017 Lady's Slipper Orchid images from Lower Austria is still missing, so here we go. No big story, just a couple of images of these fascinating flowers which you'll hopefully enjoy as much as I do.

Gentle audience part II

Since the sun came up behind this particular slope quite late, the light was already very harsh.

Hidden in the woods at dawn.

The bright full moon and the cloudless conditions allowed me to take this kind of night image. It took me one hour of countless tries to get a rather sharp shot, trying to fix the camera for 30 seconds half-handheld half-beanbagged on a very steep and uncomfortable wet slope. Taken at 17mm, ISO5000, f22, 30sec.

Unmistakable shape and colors.

Lovely warm light in the late afternoon.

One can not only find the orchids here, there are also lots of other different and colorful flowers around.

After a clear night the first light slowly comes up.

Actually most of the orchids are hidden under larger plants like Creeping Pines.

Some spotlight on the flowers in front of the dark woods.

While I'm still posting some spring pictures her, autumn is already on the horizon. Although I will certainly miss the warm summer nights, I'm already looking forward to the most moody season with all its colorful and grey days. ... bye for now, see you soon!

Gentle audience part I

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Also this season I visited both locations I know where the Lady's Slipper Orchids can be found. Actually I was quite unsuccessful in the Upper Austrian habitat but luckily it worked a little better in the Lower Austrian area. So you will only find images of Lower Austria here. Without a doubt these flowers are the undisputed queens of Austrian orchids and once more their stunning beauty and surreal shape fascinated me.

Gentle audience part I

Late morning light backlits this tall and perfectly grown exemplar.

Sunset at the edge of the wood.

Harsh spot light in the rather dark forest can create great contrasts.

A tiny spider on one of these big flowers during early dawn.


After a wonderful and clear full moon night some lovely clouds appeared as the sun came up.

Actually all the Crab Spiders I've seen so far where placed on Lady's Slipper Orchids.

One of the biggest clumps of Lady's Slippers I know in golden evening light. If you look closely, you might also spot a Crab Spider on this image.

This rather steep slope is probably my favorite place to photograph these orchids.

A second set of Lady's Slipper images will appear here sooner or later, so if you liked this one, your inveted to come back one day ;) Thanks.

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