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Ankündigung Workshop am 03. März 2018

Friday, 2 February 2018

Naturfotografie Workshop für EinsteigerInnen am 03. März 2018 - Zauber der Frühblüher

Es ist zweifellos immer eine ganz besondere Freude, wenn die ersten Frühlingswildblumen etwas Farbe in die Natur zurückbringen und ihre Köpfchen den nun schon wesentlich wärmeren Sonnenstrahlen entgegenstrecken. So werden wir uns diesen ersten kleinen Frühlingsboten im Umkreis der Stadt Enns an diesem Tag genauer widmen und gemeinsam in entspannter Atmosphäre versuchen die zarten Motive behutsam fotografisch in Szene zu setzen und die Umsetzungen ausführlich besprechen.

Ankündigung Workshop am 03. März 2018

Alle Details und notwendigen Informationen sind hier als ausführliche PDF-Beschreibung zu finden. Ich freue mich über Anmeldungen per E-Mail an Selbstverständlich bin ich gerne jederzeit für weitere Fragen gerne erreichbar.

Ich hoffe wir sehen uns!

Additional foliages part III

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

After the final set of my 2017 Austrian landscape left-overs, here's the last set of the additional plants(cape) impressions. Not a moment too soon before the next generation of plants and foliages finally comes to life. Especially the first picture of this entry seems very pleasant to me, because it shows what lies ahead of us already during the next two months or so. Lush fresh greens. Can't wait for everything to pop up :)

Additional foliages part III

When the sun in the woods comes up in spring ...

... and goes down in fall ;)

As far as I can remember I only experienced this phenomenon, simply called "Glory", once before. This time I was lucky enough to have my camera with my.

What a delightful morning it was at this summer meadow, nearby a lake, surrounded by mountains.

The very last rays of the fading sun break through the dense summer foliage of the woods.

Just a mobile phone snapshot showing a slice of all the tiny montane beauties which can be found higher up in the mountains.

Monochrome trunks in a golden surrounding.

I love mystic forests like this. And I love them even more in mystic conditions like this.

Right at the edge between sunny skies and thick fog the light can be pretty exciting.

​Of course, some of the early flowering wildlflowers, like Snowdrops, Common Hepaticas, Hellebores, Common Lungwort, Squills, and so on can already be found out there today. So don't hesitate to take a closer look at the forest floor ;)

Additional vistas part III

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

I guess it's time to serve the third and last part of my additional Austrian vistas from the past year. Mostly mountainscapes in this one. And since Lake Almsee is definitely among my favorite nearby-locations, I dare to also enclose three more water bird images of this particular lake at the end of this entry. Hope you enjoy.

Additional vistas part III

Creek photography in fall is always pretty delightful.

Gentle sunset at the Schiederweiher. The location is quite beautiful, but actually it offers not that much photographic opportunities.

In summer 2017, Sabine and I, we took our five year old niece out for her first overnight and wild camping outdoor experience. She's such a lovely girl and it was a great pleasure to see her honest excitement about all the wonders of nature. No matter whether it was a tiny spider, a leech or a stunning alpenglow. TV 2.0.

The setting sun hits the last rain of a scattering summer thunderstorm and creates a nice little rainbow.

Backlit fall foliage in front of a cool backdrop.

A postcard autumn day.

The quite common morning fog creates a great mood at hte lake.

No, this feather is definitely not yours ...

Backlit mist above the water surface. One of my favorite conditions.

That's it. No more landscapes in stock. There will be three more entries of 2017 before I will finally start showing some fresh spring stuff here (hopefully) ;) See you!

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