Cerro Torre and around part I - Patagonia part XII

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Although you could already find lots of images taken in Argentina's Los Glaciares National Park and a seperate set of Fitz Roy here, I didn't show images of Cerro Torre yet. Beside Fitz Roy the about 3,130 meters high Cerro Torre is the second oustanding and very famous granite summit in Los Glaciares. Both of them are highly impressive and of jaw-dropping rough beauty. But I guess I prefer the shape of Fitz Roy a little more. Whatever ;) All of the pictures of Cerro Torre you can see here have been taken around Camp de Agostini which is about 10km of hiking away from El Chaltén. We spent some wonderful days based in the camp and of course I was busy taking images of the scenery up there. Furthermore you can also see a handful of images I took on other locations in Los Glaciares or just along the way in the national park.

Cerro Torre and around part I - Patagonia part XII

Already on our first evening up there we were blessed with almost completely windless conditions and a mellow sunset.

In the next morning the wind was even more less and there was actually no wind at all. So we witnessed an extremely lovely and totally calm sunrise in the land of the storms. I guess conditions like these are quite rare here.

The smallest icebergs finally make all the way from the glacier in the background to the opposite shore of Laguna Torre and a great contrast to the burning peaks.

After a pretty frosty night some thin ice formed on the surface of the lake. Great opportunities for this little bird to collect some insects on it and great photographic opportunities for me :)

The bird on its slowely fading base.

Couldn't resist to take one frame for the postcard ;)

Of course we didn't experience sunshine every morning. Blue hour on a cloudy day.

On all the days with heavy winds the charismatic woods of this region are always a great place to take a rest.​

The valley of Rio de las Vueltas not far from the village of El Chaltén as the night falls in.

Although there will be a second series on this topic, of course I could only capture a very few impressions of this part of Patagonia. As everywhere there would be so much more to explore and I guess I have to go there again for a couple of times. As everywhere ;)

Vivid Austrian leftovers

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

This will be the last series of 2016 images made in Austria I'll post here. The next set will already display some lovely early flowering wildflower shots. ... but back to this post. You can see some more mixed captures of wild non-bird animals which all came my ways by accident when I was just wandering around or when I was actually looking for something else.

Vivid Austrian leftovers

A hare in a frost covered meadow in Upper Austria. Not one of the friendliest spring mornings, but with good conditions for photography.

Squirrel up in the trees of a rather dark forest.

Similar appearance, completely different mammal. Red Fox while I was waiting for the Red Deer.

Actually hoping for some Roe Deer, I noticed that this mouse leaves its home every evening at the same time, so I decided to focus on it instead of the deer.

Patience required. I could observe the mouse jumping over a little branch a few times. I tried my luck for a couple of days, but finally couldn't get the shot I was hoping for.

Tiny spider slack lining between the spring flowers along a small forest stream.

A frog taking a rest on the water lilies.

I found this nice setting in the floodplains of Upper Austria right as the sun came up.

This particular morning I found quite a few snails climbing up different stalks, but I don't know what causes this behaviour. So, if you do, let me know.

That's it with my 2016 Austrian pictures. But there are a few more series of Patagonia to come. ... I'm already curious what animals will unexpectedly cross my ways this year :) Let's see. Have a great day everyone!

Birds of Patagonia part II - Patagonia part XI

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Since I'm already very much looking forward to my exhibition at the Bird-Experience 2017 in the heart of the Neusiedlersee-Seewinkel National Park, I guess today is a good day for my second set of bird images I captured in Patagonia. Before we started our journey I was mainly looking forward to (and hoping for) the Nandus and the Andean Condors. Actually I just expected to see just one or two Nandus but lots of condors. But as often it came the other way around. And I'm happy about that, because Nandus are even more intersting to me than condors, because I've never seen a cursorial bird before. Although we spotted quite a few condors, the photographic opportunities have never been really promising. Concering all the other Patagonian birds I didn't have any expectations, so that I was just looking what will come our way. And we haven't been dissapointed. We encounterd many different and fascinating birds. From man sized Nandus to tiny hummingbirds :)

Birds of Patagonia part II - Patagonia part XI

Actually I don't know why, but petrels are extremely fascinating to me. Maybe because of their long and slim wings and their ability to maneuver extremely skillfull in heavy winds.

No doubt, birds are actually modern dinosaurs ;)


I guess this is male Caracara which tried to impress a female with a little gift.

Another Caracara taking off in the evening.

An Andean Condor circling in front of the massiv granite towers in Torres del Paine National Park.

I will never get tired of settings like this.

I'm wondering if orcas sometimes also feed on flying petrels ...?!

I don't know the exact name of this hawk, but I'm grateful he placed himself in best evening light.

That's it, hope you liked my interpretations of some of the Patagonian birds. Again I kindly invite you all to browse through my updated and refreshed online galleries where now also all the pictures of 2016 can be found and some very new photographs from this spring will arrive pretty soon.

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