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Pannonian residents part I

Monday, 24 June 2019

Before we come to the images below, I would like to indicate that my exhibition called "Rehabilditation" will be displayed from June, 28th to August, 31st 2019 during the Fotofestival Gesäuse. The festival programme is packed with numerous great workshops, lectures, concerts and exhibitions. So, don't miss it! And the second thing I would like to point out here again, is my updated showcase on this website. Just in case, you haven't had a look yet ...

As you probably noticed, the pictures in this post don't show the second series of Chess Flowers. Do give you some variety, I decided to show a few impressions of the Nationalpark Neusiedler See - Seewinkel in between the floral sets of photographs. Also all of these pictures have been taken already back in 2018 in one of my favorite locations. This national park is definitely the place to go, when you're looking for a huge range of different and rare birds and it also offers great photographic opportunities for guys like me, who prefer to stroll around instead of sitting in hides for days. I always deeply enjoy visiting this area to spend a few relaxed days just seeing what comes my way.

Pannonian residents part I

A beautiful Bee-Eater with its colorful prey, a Red Admiral, as the sun set and the moon rose in the background.

I hardly experienced sudden showers of rain as heavy as this before. Although the whole lake seemed to boil like crazy the water birds didn't care at all and the ducks gave me the great opportunity for this particular shot.

A very close and exciting encounter with a Common Kestrel.

The Little Egret is one of the rarer egrets in the area and much smaller than the Great Egret. Beside their different sizes, the best way to distinguish them are the bright yellow feet of the Little Egret.

One of the very few landscape shots I took there. A wonderful summer morning with rare misty condititons.

Since the eastern parts of Austria, where the national park is located, are totally flat without any mountains, the light is very appealing quite often.

I haven't seen many Night Herons in my life yet, so to spot four of them in flight with lovely clouds in the background, was a quite special moment.

One of Austria's most colorful and spectacular birds for sure.

Of course, also mammals can be found in the park.

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Shapes of grace part I

Friday, 21 June 2019

Unfortunately I couldn't visit the lovely Chess Flowers in bloom this year due to our New Zealand stay. But luckily I never managed to show my 2018 images of these mersmerizing little treasures ;) So, here we go ... These flowers always instantly amaze me as soon as I spot the first one. They are extremely rare now and can only be found in two places in Austria and of course they're strictly protected. Enjoy this first of three upcoming series!

Shapes of grace part I

Dew covered meadow and super soft light before sunrise.

The unmistakable shape of a Chess Flower at sunset.

One of the taller individuals I could find.

Of course also some other flowers like Buttercups are in full bloom at this time of the year.

I just cannot resist this magical glow the flowers generate. Beside their fabulous beauty, it always fascinates me how they seem to lighten up like little lanterns. Even when there's just very poor light as on this image taken about an hour before sunrise.

Every now and then one can observe a busy Bumblebee approaching a blossom.

A morning close-up of a still wet blossom, clearly showing the chessboard-like squares, which are responsible for the flower's name.

Another one of my 2018 favorites you could already find in a previous post.

The nights are usually pretty cold with temperatures around zero degrees. So most of the flowers just have to stand up again in the morning.

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Tiny artists

Sunday, 16 June 2019

First of all I would like to point out that I finally managed to update my showcase on this website after two long years. I added 43 pictures, so now you can find a mixed collection of 100 of my images. It also contains a few brandnew teasers from New Zealand. ... and please don't forget, that most of my photographs can also be purchased as prints.

But now let's come to the images you can see in this blog post. Actually I was always fascinated by the tiny water deformations Water Striders create with their legs, because these deformations can cause really stunning reflections but I never payed enough attention to them. One day, when I was actually waiting for some water birds, but the birds didn't show up, I started playing around with the Water Striders in my favorite location of the Traun-Danube Wetlands in Upper Austria. In the end I only spent about three days photographing this little insects, but I got a few shots, I would like to show. I was especially thrilled by the situations when the legs of the animals created this amazing sunstars. As all my images also the ones below were taken without the use of any artificial light, flash or special technique. For me it's important to work with the natural light, because in my opinion it's also part of the natural scenery I would like to capture in an authentic way. So the pictures are just simple handheld shots showing the natural beauty and magic. But it was actually quite challenging to get a few rather sharp shots because these little insects are always in motion and my autofocus didn't catch them, so that I had to focus on them manually.

Tiny artists

The shadows of the reed did a little painting on the water surface on this one.

When the insects start to move, they create these fantastic symmetric shapes.

I was placed under some trees which cast a dark reflection on the water from my point of view but the insects were actually hit by the sun and the water deformations at the ends of the animals legs shaped the surface in a way that tiny parts of the surface created a reflection of the sun instead of the dark foliage and so they caused these stunning sunstars. The entire setting with all these little colorful stars, caused by countless (dust) particles on the water, reminds me very much of some cosmic scenery with the Water Striders as spaceships.

This one decided to disguise as a tiny scull.

You cloud already find this particular image in my 2018 recap. If you're wondering about the title: I took it in the morning of my brother Peter's 40th birthday ;)

It took me many, many attempts to get some shots where all six "headlights" of the "spaceships" lightened up simultaneously.

The rather dark water surface dims the bright sunlight, so one can find all colors of the rainbow close to the relfection of the sun.

Another strange fleeting face appeared.

Photographers mostly try to avoid the harsh midday sunlight, but it can also create some very unique sceneries.

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