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Xeis part I

Monday, 9 December 2019

Kind of similar to my last two entries, the next two sets also contain images I mainly took around some workshops. This time you can see pictures of Styria's Gesäuse National Park. I led two group workshops there in 2019 in cooperation with the Fotoschule Gesäuse and I will offer three dates in 2020, which can already be found here. But also beside my workshops I had the pleasure to spend some time in this national park, which is shaped by the wild waters of the Enns River and the steep mountains surrounding it.

Just in case, you're wondering about the title of this entry: "Gesäuse" can be pronounced as "Xeis" in Austrian German ;) ... and as always, I hope most of the images speak for themselves, because I just cannot find the time to do longer writings. Although I really would like to do so.

Xeis part I

One of the main tributaries of the Enns River.

What a lovely scenery of colors. Candy sunrise above a pretty diverse autumn setting. (Side note: Since authenticity is very important for me when it comes to my images and I actually never remove any objects from my pictures, I would like to let you know, that I made an exception here and stamped out an - actually hardly visible - steel cable of an goods cable lift on the outer left side of the image.)

Lush foliage along the river in late spring, while the summits are still partly covered in snow.

A small montane stream, which offers some photo opportunities in spring, but finally vanishes during summer in most years.

Falling trees are just part of the natural cycle and it's good to see, that there are areas where this is accepted.

Some morning fog finally disappears as the sun comes up behind the massive peaks.

Untouched forests in autumn are always a gorgeous experience.

Summer is a great time for butterflies ...

... and orchids. And this national park provides great locations for both of them.

On this occasion I would like to point out to a little interview Sven Herdt did with me for 4 Nature Photographers. So, if you'd like to read some more (in German), take a look here on their website.

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Kalender Habitats 2020

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Wer sich kommendes Jahr (wieder) ein paar Augenblicke wertvoller Momente nach Hause, ins Büro oder sonst wohin holen möchte, die/der ist herzlich eingeladen einen Blick auf meinen neuen Kalender zu werfen ;) Die neue Ausgabe kommt im DIN A3 Querformat auf extra starkem Papier und diesmal mit wesentlich ausführlicheren Informationen und Beschreibungen. Ein paar Einblicke gibt's unten und hier eine vollständige Vorschau.

Kalender Habitats 2020

Der eben ausgezeichnete Wasserläufer hat's auch aufs Titelblatt geschafft.

Neben einer detaillierteren Bild(entstehungs)beschreibung ...

... gibt's 2020 nun auch zu jedem Foto ein paar interessante Fakten und die technischen Aufnahmeinformationen.

Alle zwölf Monatsmotive im Überblick.

Der Kalender kann zu einem Preis vom € 22,00 bereits vorbestellt werden. Bei Interesse einfach ein E-Mail an schicken oder unter ++43 (0) 650 - 444 0 224 anrufen. Weitersagen natürlich erwünscht, danke!

Workshop previews part II

Saturday, 30 November 2019

Welcome back for the second set of images I took during my latest workshops around Lake Almsee. The main reason why I prefer this location, is the fact, that it offers good photographic opportunities in almost any weather, which is a great benefit when it comes to workshops. And beside the obvious beauty of the landscape, what I also really appreciate there is, that the lake is still very unaffected and unspoiled, although it is very well known and also pretty crowded on sunny days.The dates for my group workshops in 2020 will be online soon, but actually the majority of workshops I run nowadays and the ones I prefer are private sessions, with individual coordinations and dates.

Workshop previews part II

Signs of spring infront of the still snow covered mountains. I was choosing a long lens and a wide aperture to shoot through the fresh green foliage of a Beech tree to show the presence of both season.

Another closer look to another colorful season. The reflection of the fall foliage on the water surface.

A beautiful Mute Swan hidden behind the fresh leaves of the trees which surround the lake.

Again a similar scenery during the opposite season.

Beside the swans and other (water) birds also Common Ducks can be found on the lake.

The beginning of a super exciting night under the stars. The setting moon still illuminates the scene while the Milky Way already appears above the mountains. You could see the "real" Milky Way shot of this night in my prior post.

The first light in the early morning at the lakeside ...

... before the sun finally rose and hit the peaks of the Totes Gebirge.

Marvellous setting of vivid spring plants.

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