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Fine Art Prints

Most of my images can be purchased as fine art prints. All prints will be produced in high quality and are doublechecked on my part before I hand them out. Of course I can only show a small selection of my photographic work on this website and there are tons of other images in my home archive. So, if you're looking for something particular or if you're interested in one of my images, but you're searching for a horizontal version of the picture instead of a vertical one for example, just let me know.

Prints Prints

Beside ChromaLuxe and the common sizes, you can find listed below, you can actually order the images in a wide range of other different materials and in almost any size you'd like. Just get in touch with me and let me know what I can do for you. But please notice, that all of my photographs are made in an aspect ratio of 3:2, except the panorama images, of course.

Prints Prints Prints

My preferred material is ChromaLuxe, which is extremely valuable, durable, light-resistant, scratch-, fire- and water proof, light and offers a fantastic color and contrast experience. Beside that it is fully recyclable and the prints can be produced with a glossy, semi-glossy or matte surface and also with a glossy outdoor finish which is all-weather proof. The final prints consist of a 1.2 mm thick aluminium plate and usually a mounting or frame system. These high-end prints are produced in Austria by my fine art printing partner of trust, ARTStudio. For details regarding these systems, please send me a short request.

To get an idea, you can find a few price examples listed here for the following sizes:

Format (cm): 20x30 30x45 40x60 50x75 60x90 80x120 100x150 120x180
Price (€): 96,00 138,00 204,00 279,00 350,00 528,00 753,00 1.076,00

And, as already mentioned, I also offer prints on much cheaper materials, of course. Just contact me for any requests.

All prices are exclusive shipping charges and without any mounting or frame. Outdoor finish not included. Mistakes and errors reserved. Delivery time is usually within two to three weeks.

Prints Prints

The prints will naturally come without any printed framing, signature or water mark. Unless you would like to have it in an other way.

Due to the different cameras I used to create my images and their different resolutions, not every photograph can be printed up to any size. Printing an image with a lower resolution on a large format would cause a serious loss of quality.

Special offers

I have lots of already printed images in different sizes and on different materials from former exhibitions in stock, which I offer very low in price. Just drop me a line for details on that.

Special offers

If you have any kind of question, if you need any more details or if you want something specific regarding my prints, don't hesitate to get in touch with me anytime.

I'm looking forward to your request at or by phone on ++43 (0) 650 - 444 0 224.