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Plantscapes & Panoramas galleries update

Thursday, 21 January 2021

For my next galleries update, I will go on with the Plantscapes gallery and the Panoramas gallery today. Again, I removed lots of older photographs to make room for newer ones. To be precise, I added 42 images to Plantscapes and I uploaded 15 to Panoramas, and once more all of them showing either scenes form New Zealand or from Austria.

Plantscapes & Panoramas galleries update

The beauty when some soft light illuminates the merging of autumn and winter.

Super lovely conditions with hoar frost, soft fog and blue skies during early sunrise.

Actually still one of my favorite Plantscapes impressions.

Probably not my best shot, but, at least for me, something extremely special. I was just observing the sun setting behind the sea of fog with my telephoto lens, without any intention to take a picture at all, but right in the second as the sun finally disappeared a very rare phenomenon called "Green Flash" (Wikipedia will tell you more) occurred all of a sudden and totally unexpected for me. But since I had read about this phenomenon already before, I knew what I was looking at and so I just pressed the shutter on rapid fire and ended up with five frames of the scene. Of course I wasn't prepared for this at all and so the focal length of 130mm was rather short and also most parts of the lights are overexposed and lost. And furthermore the pictures I got don't pay justice to the real scene. The light I saw was not even greenish, it was kind of "super green", but it only lasted for about half a second. I never thought, this could be so green. Nature's crazy and this was really exciting ... and so, since the conditions didn't change during the next day, I went to this location for sunset again and I took the image you can see above. This time I was way better prepared, but the Green Flash actually didn't show up. But to my surprise I noticed that the very last dots of the setting sun appear in quite funky colors. You can see the full image here and you can also have a look at a 200% crop and at a 200% crop I took just 1/10 of a second later. Yes, this phenomenon happens really fast ...

One of the newly added stitched panorama pictures. A wonderful sunrise at New Zealand's breathtaking Wharariki Beach.

A small scenery of one of these super diverse fairytale forests from the other side of the world.

A small creek running through this fascinating "wooden boneyard".

An extraordinary tall orchid with a size of about 50cm growing under a pretty fitting pink morning sky in Upper Austria.

Foggy autumn slopes are actually mostly quite photogenic. But in this case I was even much more attracted, because the higher areas of this forest were probably hit by some heavy storm and the thin layer of snow just seemed to mark the fallen trees and the fog seemed to separate the healthy forest from the damaged parts.

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Plants gallery update

Wednesday, 20 January 2021

In the course of my overdue galleries update, next up, I added 43 pictures to the Plants gallery. This gallery mainly contains images of flowers, but also some rather intimate impressions of forests and trees. Of course, I would be very happy, if some of you'll find the time to check them out and let me know what you think so far about my newer works.

Plants gallery update

A graceful Lady's Slipper Orchid infront of the rising moon as the night fell in. Captured in June 2019 in Lower Austria.

This particular day, I spent a very pleasant dusk in these Snowdrop covered wetland woods.

Intimate late autumn forest scene on the Czech side of the Thayatal/Podyjí National Park.

Patiently the trees stand their ground until spring will take over again one day.

A Narcissus at the edge of a forest during a sunny afternoon.

Can't actually wait for all this magic happening again during the upcoming spring.

Another Lady's Slipper Orchid hidden in the high grass and an amazing amount of morning dew.

After a non-existing winter in 2019/2020 spring finally took over. As always, no scene or image manipulation, of course.

A last dot of sunlight hits a tiny forest stream right behind this blooming Pilewort.

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Mammals & Atelier Nature galleries update

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

After yesterday's quite big update of the Landscapes gallery, I would like to continue today with two smaller updates containing 60 images all in all. As of now you will find numerous newer photographs in the Mammals gallery and also in the Atelier Nature gallery, which is mainly about colors and shapes of rather inorganic structures. And again you can also browse through a few of these new pictures here in the blog.

Mammals & Atelier Nature galleries update

Actually I intended to do a rather classic wide angle landscape image, with a small pond as a foreground, but as I noticed what was going on on the water surface, I was just mesmerized and watched and photographed the ice emerging during this frosty morning until my wet feet were almost frozen. It was quite fascinating how fast and in which shapes the ice appeared.

Joy. On both sides of the shore. Just imagine standing there, with your baby boy in the arms, showing him this slice of nature's awesomeness.

The pannonian light at sunset can be pretty pleasant.

Of course there are so many big landscape vistas in New Zealand which are breathtaking beautiful. But the closer you look, the more fascinating it actually gets. I would have been completely lost if I would have also photographically focused on all the details, so I decided to exlpore them mainly without my camera. Here is a little exception ... I took this three snapshots of sand patterns (which are changing after every single wave) during an afternoon walk on one of the countless amazing beaches within 30 minutes just as an example for natures never-ending beauty.

A thin layer of bacteria causes a mesmerizing film of colors on the hot water surface of a geothermal stream.

A Red Fox in a meadow full of Autumn Crocuses.

A rather rare pleasure to observe female and young Alpine Ibexes.

The reflections of fall foliage in evening light and the blue skies on a gentle wetland stream. The current title image of Natürliche Nähe.

What a great display of mesmerizing patterns, created by the sun the skies, water and vegetation.

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