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Strawberry fields part I

Thursday, 15 April 2021

Hello again everyone :) Although winter here in Austria isn't really willing to surrender, the pleasant spring time already keeps me busy since a coulpe of exciting weeks. In terms of taking pictures I was actually working only on three topics. My main project Natürliche Nähe, my side project Liquid Souls and on the Chess Flowers. Today I would like to start with the first set out of three of my 2021 Chess Flower images, before I will show some pictures of the other projects sooner or later here. Due to the start of the pandemic, I couldn't make my trip to the Chess Flowers last spring and due to our stay in New Zealand, I also missed the short blooming period of these mesmerizing plants also in 2019. So I was already pretty eager to visit them this year and again it definitely payed off.

Strawberry fields part I

I took this image right upon my arrival at about 04:00 a.m. to show one of the flowers and also this beautiful old Oak Tree in soft moon light.

Again I was very glad, I decided to drive at night to be there before sunrise, because also this time the conditions during the very first morning were just super exciting.

In one way they kind of remind me of Kingfishers. Both of them are very beautiful, special and colorful, but nevertheless they are so easily overlooked.

Morning gold.

Most of these wild flowers are way smaller than those, which can be found as cultivated plants in countless gardens.

There's definitely no need to cut down all the grass (and sometimes also other Chess Flowers!), to get a "good" view at a flower, like sadly still lots of photographers use to do.

Finally the last drops of dew vanish during the later morning hours.

Every here and there also some blooming Buttercups can be found growing side by side with the Chess Flowers.

A little gathering at sunset.

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Aktuelles Workshopangebot

Sunday, 24 January 2021

An dieser Stelle möchte ich gerne auf mein aktuelles Workshopangebot hinweisen. Alle Termine, Infos und Details finden sich im Bereich Workshops. Neben den vorab geplanten Workshops biete ich besonders gerne individuelle Betreuungen ganz nach den jeweiligen Wünschen an. Ich freue mich über alle Anfragen diesbezüglich und bin natürlich auch sehr dankbar, wenn mein Angebot an etwaige InteressentInnen weitergeleitet wird.

Aktuelles Workshopangebot

Der erste Workshop für Kleingruppen widmet sich der kreativen Inszenierung der ersten Frühlingsblumen.

Erstmals biete ich heuer Einzelcoachings zur Entstehung meiner Liquid-Souls-Aufnahmen an.

Der Almsee gehört aufgrund seiner vielfältigen fotografischen Möglichkeiten seit jeher zu meinen bevorzugten Workshoplocations.

Individualworkshops sind thematisch natürlich kaum eingeschränkt.

Wie auch in den vergangenen Jahren freue ich mich im Auftrag der Fotoschule Gesäuse drei zweitägige Workshops ...

... im Nationalpark Gesäuse abhalten zu dürfen.

Ebenso finden heuer erstmals zwei Fotoexkursionen in Kooperation mit dem Nationalpark Thayatal statt.

Bei Interesse am besten einfach kurz per E-Mail an wenden und wir machen uns ganz unkompliziert etwas aus. Ich freue mich darauf :)

Birds gallery update

Saturday, 23 January 2021

Last but not least here's the last missing update of my online galleries regarding a major refreshment of the Birds gallery, containing 66 newly added images. Once more you can already take a look at some of these new ones here below in the blog. In the end, I'm quite happy, I finally managed to bring this website up-to-date, although I completely skipped the blog entries for 2020. So I deeply hope, I could serve you a few touching and exciting moments of nature to generate some emotions and to raise some awareness.

Birds gallery update

A Kea taking off from a dead tree somewhere in New Zealand. Shot almost straight into the harsh sun.

I will never get bored of watching Gannets on the hunt. Always a pretty impressive spectacle.

My tiny version of comet Neowise.

My approach of photographing this seagull. Hopefully you can spot it in this small resolution.

A graceful Great Egret hidden in the endless reeds of Lake Neusiedl.

Pigeons. Probably one of the most underrated bird species.

The sighting of one of these massive and rare Bearded Vultures, with a wingspan up to almost 3m, is always a super exciting moment.

This subadult Common Kingfisher took a seat on a branch right infront of me. As mostly I decided to capture it with a rather short focal lens (153mm).

A moody moment in very early dawn.

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